2015-10-11 12.47.46My name is Dawn Gregory and I’ve been a Software Developer for over 30 years. I help businesses run better by creating computer-based tools to streamline business processes.

For the past 15 years I have been building websites that do stuff. I readily admit that I’m not much of a designer – my specialty is on the functional side of things. Luckily, great designs are plentiful these days, which gives me the freedom to focus on what I’m really good at. I believe that a website should be more than just a pretty face, it is a tool for improving your business.

Many businesses have a website, but very few know what it is supposed to be used for. In far too many cases, businesses invest in a website because they were told they need one. This is an expensive mistake. Without knowing what results you want, and how the website is going to deliver those results, you don’t see much return on the time and money invested.

My Approach

It is essential to identify the business goals for your website before we even start designing your website. Then we can create a plan for achieving those goals, and I will provide the technical resources to make the plan happen.

To get the best results, business owners need to be intimately involved in the process of designing and operating their website. This does not have to be time consuming or technically challenging. One of my greatest skills is communicating with you in your own language and avoiding all the technical buzzwords that are so prevalent in my profession.

Life is short, and I’m getting too old to keep re-inventing the wheel. I always do my best to find an existing tool that can do the job before I suggest creating something new. I started using WordPress as the basis for all new websites because it has thousands of ready-made designs and functional components available at a very low cost. In addition to the other benefits, it is easy to customize to your exact specifications. This means your whole website can be built and customized in a fraction of the time.

My Work

When it comes to creating custom features for your website, there are two major areas where my skills really shine:

  • Any kind of custom data you use in your business. Examples include work orders, customer or equipment records, scheduled events, and financial data.
  • Using communications tools to automate steps in a process. Examples include automatic processing of email or text messages to complete a task.

To give you a better idea of how these might be used in your business, here are a few of the projects I have recently completed:

  • A WordPress plugin that automatically posts to your Twitter account according to a schedule.
  • An email inbox where you can send all your receipts and have them converted to an expenses spreadsheet.
  • An application that uses some basic statistics, complex calculations, and lookup tables to make a prediction about future events.

If you need any kind of custom application created for your business, please send me a message.

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